December 11, 2023

Scott predicts that limewash will be the painting technique to watch for in 2023. “We’ll see unique applications of limewash such as the cloud technique to create the look of old worn walls,” he says. “Layering limewash in different ways can give you the look of 200-year-old walls—in just a couple of days.”

5. Checkered patterns

Proving that simple patterns can have a big impact, check print is having a moment—and that moment will continue into 2023. Lisa Buhler, the founder of the fashion line Lisa Says Gah, believes that people are drawn to checker print because it’s all about joy. She describes it as a “feel-good print” that’s symmetrical but fun. Haustile takes it a step further with a warped check tile that looks like something out of an M.C. Escher illustration.

Interior designer and DIY expert Emily Shaw, known among her TikTok followers as @emilyrayna, is a proponent of this trend. When working on her “getting-ready room,” she opted for a golden-rod-and-white checker print—with a budget-friendly twist. “Checker print has been trending all over TikTok in various ways, so I wanted to find a way to make the trend functional,” she says.

Shaw purchased a wooden box from Michaels and painted it the same shade as the golden checkers. Then, she attached it to the wall, creating some dimension and a clever ring storage nook. “Emily, this is genius,” commented a TikTok follower. Agreed.

6. Combining multiple design themes

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) 2023 Design Trends report, one of the new trends this year is combining multiple design themes to create a unique style. For example, organic meets modern, or farmhouse meets modern.

Boston-based DIY expert Julie Sousa of @the_avantgarde embraced this style-blend trend in a recent apartment redesign with her assistant Gigi Rodriguez. Sousa says that the main style they were after was contemporary, so they chose accordingly for the larger pieces—the couch, the chair, the coffee table, the floor lamps, and the mirrors. As Sousa explains further, “The eclectic elements come from smaller pieces like the wall art, the gold frames, and the usage of bold colors in the space.” Taken together, the complimentary styles make the space feel updated and personalized.

7. Create spa-like bathrooms

Since the start of the pandemic, the collective stress has risen and is yet to be abated. It makes sense that people have been inspired to create soothing, hotel-like atmospheres in their own homes, especially if they are still not traveling as much as they used to. NKBA found that spa-like bathrooms that “enhance homeowner experiences” are one of the biggest trends for 2023.

With its wooden panels, calming lighting, and lush plant wall, Sousa’s guest bathroom revamp went viral on TikTok, garnering over 2.1 million views. “I really wanted it to feel spa-like, a place I could go to at the end of a long day and zen out with a bath,” she says. Because the bathroom was windowless, Sousa felt that greenery was the perfect way to contrast the moodiness of the black ceiling, not to mention, distract from the lack of windows. “We often associate greenery with a sense of freshness, especially in combination with water and what better area in the home than in a bathroom to create that perception of freshness and cleanliness?” she asks.


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