November 29, 2023
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While your cat may behave like it is the head of your household, some boundaries need to be set when it comes to where they can roam and reign—especially when it comes to their privacy. To help them feel like absolute royalty, you can shop for litter box cat furniture that is chic and functional. Whether your space has a bohemian feel or you have a rustic farmhouse style, there is a cat litter box that won’t stick out as a complete eyesore in your home.

Honestly, the reason your cat has been taking frustrations out on your pet-friendly couch could very well be the old litter box in your living room. We found feline-approved litter boxes that will look like an extension of your home and will have your cat purring with praise for the clever purchase. This list includes self-cleaning litter boxes and design-forward furniture that makes cleaning up after your precious cat stink less. Your cat simply deserves the best and we are sure it won’t settle for less! Some of these litter box enclosures even include storage space and ventilation. So, this is official proof that you can spoil your cat without decking your home out in cat decor from top to bottom.

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Best Small-Space Litter Box

Dyad Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Here’s a mid-century litter box your family will have a hard time believing you scored for under $200. You can set this beauty up as a bed or litter box, but either away, your cat will never want to leave. The large hole on the side of the box allows for a stylish entry and exit, while the cabinet front make it look like a chic side table.


Best Litter Box Overall

Castle Front-Entry Cat Litter Box

Your queen will proudly reign on this sage throne that includes a scratch basin and nook for rest and leisure.


Most Affordable Litter Box

Grinnell Paperboard Litter Box Enclosure

If you and your cat rule an eco-friendly home, this non-toxic enclosure is a must-have. Not only is it on sale, but the two front doors give your cat space to come and go as they please. Be sure to keep this litter box in a dry area like your living room or bedroom.


Best Tech-Savvy Litter Box

Litter-Robot 3 Connect

If your home is filled with the best gadgets and accessories, you will have no problem rushing to check out. The self-cleaning litter box automatically senses when your cat is finished using thr bathroom.


Best for Litter Box for Plant Lovers

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Planter

Plant moms and dads, you can finally have peace between your plants and your cat’s claws with this planter that also serves as a litter box. But if you’re going to take baby steps between resolving your cat’s issues with greenery, use an artificial plant instead!


Best Litter Box for Multi-Cat Home

Claire Walnut Brown Finished Cat Litter Box Cover House

For a more modern option, this slatted walnut cover acts as a coffee table, too.


Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Leo’s Loo Too Cat Litter Box

We awarded this pet lifesaver a Live Better Award for making life with pets a breeze. This smart automatic litter box is self-cleaning, protective, and includes a super quiet motor so your pet won’t feel like you’re intruding.


Best Litter Box for Large Cats

Tindell Litter Box Enclosure

Friendly to cats of all sizes, here’s a solution that will allow your cat to handle business with ease and comfort. It has a vintage vibe that you can trick your friends you scored while antiquing.


Best Odor-Free Litter Box

ecoFLEX Litter Loo & End Table

You probably never envisioned your end table becoming a litter box, but this enclosure will fool you and your guests. It is constructed with sturdy eco-friendly wood that can repel moisture. This gem is built to last so you can bring it with you even when you move.

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