December 6, 2023

Buying furniture for your home is no easy feat. You want your home to reflect your personality. But unless you have an incredible design eye – or the money to hire a pro – it can be tough to visualize the end product. Even if you have a vision, finding a store in Toronto that has everything you want is difficult in and of itself.

The good news is that there are some excellent furniture stores in and around Toronto. The following are some of the best furniture stores in Toronto and throughout Canada.


We start with Bouclair, which is Canada’s leading furniture store for a reason. Not only does it have longevity, having opened half a century ago, but it is also proudly Canadian. This title goes beyond using Canadian manufacturers. Bouclair’s affordable items on offer are designed with Canada in mind.

This is incredibly important, as good interior design is not universal. In some places, the hot climate means that bringing the outside in creates a sense of openness and pleasure. That is not generally the case in Toronto. Good design here has to be cozy without being kitsch.

It is also important to note that you can shop according to different design themes at Bouclair, getting furniture that works together to create a coherent look.


If you want a hip, modern look for your home, Stylegarage has what you need. This Toronto store has carefully curated collections that are very current – they reflect modern trends and are also ergonomic, lending themselves to the way we live.

This is not to say that their furniture collections are designed entirely based on today’s trends. There are pieces reflecting different style eras of the last century, updated to fit modern trends and standards.

Wazo Furniture

Are you obsessed with solid wood? Wazo Furniture has got your back. Their designs take advantage of the fact that wood is timeless. This is not to say that all wooden furniture is good furniture. On the contrary, some pieces from the past were incredibly uncomfortable, even if they looked great. Wazo Furniture has updated old designs to actually feel good.

As with the other stores on this list, you will find curated collections that fit a theme, even if you do not have a trained eye for aesthetic.

Carrocel Interiors

Carrocel Interiors has been offering high-end furniture in Toronto for over thirty years. Their selections come from both North America and Europe, providing a range of design styles. Of course, this also means that you’re going to pay a premium. As with any imported furniture, you will pay more than the price is actually worth.

This is not a problem for people with the money to spend who want a certain look regardless of whether they have to pay more. However, if you want affordable furniture that is high-end nonetheless, Carrocel is not for you.

The above are some of Toronto’s best furniture stores. Depending on your design aesthetic, each place has something different for you to try.


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