December 11, 2023
Simpson County Board of Supervisors
Simpson County Board of Supervisors

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The Simpson County Board of Supervisors met for their regular meeting Monday, March 6, 2023.

Roger Simmons and Kanwaliit met before the board inquiring about cannabis fees to open a marijuana growth plant in Simpson County. A lengthly discussion was held concerning the operation and security of the plant.  Supervisor Donny Welch did not want to see the Sheriff’s office burdened with numerous calls concerning the operation of the facility. The plant would be located on Hwy 28 West in Magee at the old Garrett’s Furniture Building.

Simmons stated over 38 cameras with 24/7 off site surveillance would be serviced. The cost would be close to 2 million dollars to renovate the  building  and install needed operational   equipment. The renovation would take approximately 3 to 4 months to complete. Each growth room would require codes to enter each room. Simmons stated they have a facility close to Benton, Ms and have had no troubles with that facility. The Simpson County facility would employee 10-15.  The board agreed to table the amount of fees to charge until the next board meeting giving their attorney the opportunity to research the appropriate charges.

Donnell Feazell was recognized by the board and presented with a certificate of heroism for his acts during a house fire by stopping and going into home to help rescue others.

A petition to close, vacate, and abandon Clarence Thames public road was received by the board. Attorney Danny Welch advised the board the next step was to authorize notice and publish for public response.

Road Manger Ben Warren presented his January Road Mangers report for approval. Warren advised the board  guard rails on Dry Creek Road needed to be replaced due to an accident that happen with the City of Magee Police chasing a vehicle that crashed and hit the guard rails causing damage. The cost to repair the rails will run approximately $10,750.00. Only one contractor is approved for the State of Mississippi and rails will meet State Aid requirements.

Loggers are using the county roads and not removing the dirt accumulated on the trucks before entering the roads. Presently, there are no consequences for roads not cleaned during and after jobs. The attorney will research what and if any thing can be done and report back to the board.

January surrender tag list was presented for approval by Tax Assessor Jamie Brewer. The board approved the new hire of Karri Sheppard as the Homestead clerk.

Sheriff Paul Mullins presented the following report for approval.

  • Summit February 2023 Invoices in the amount of $20.405.91
  • Sheriff Mullins to attend Mississippi Sheriff’s Association 2023 Summer Conference June 5-9 at the Golden Nugget in Biloxi, MS covering cost of hotel, meals and travel expense.
  • Hire Ayana Brown and a new hire part-time non-certified and Sharron Harris part-time jail non-certified.

Buddy Wolverton, County Engineer, reported the status of State-Aid & LSSBP as of February 28, 2023.

  • SAP-64(64)– Grade, drain, base and surface for Star to Braxton. 19.34% completions with 40% Elapsed time. Contractor is completing clearing and grubbing operation.Planning to install cross drains once culverts are available.
  • LSBP-64(24)– Bridge Replacement Shorter Road – 66.40% Complete. 62.86% Elapsed time. Contractor has poured box bridge. Starting on approaches.
  • SAP-64(65)– (Bridge Replacement) Dry Creek Road – P.S. & E., Assembly mailed to State Aid.  Awaiting right of way acquisition, to be able to advertise for bids.
  • LSBP-64(25) – Bridge Replacement Peacock Road – Office Review Plans were mailed to State Aid on July 25, 2022. Mailed out utility agreements, can start right of way acquisition.
  • 2022 Simpson County Resurfacing Project – Roads 1A-5O – 57.08% Completed and 85.38% Elapsed time. Contractor has completed reseal operation on 24 or 94 roads. Will resume on the project, when weather conditions permit, starting the in the Mt. Olive – Magee area working northward and westward until operation completion.
  • ERBR-63(03) – (Bridge Replacement) Saratoga – Sharon Road – Contracts ready for Board President to sign.
  • ERBR-64(04) – Bridge Rehabilitation) Harrisville – Braxton Road – Contracts ready for board president to sign.
  • SAP-64(17) M – (Guardrails) Old River Road – P.S.& E. Assembly mailed to State Aid January 3, 2023.

Another lengthly discussion took place concerning the previous rock and tar county projects. The supervisors are not pleased with the previous work. Some roads are already showing cracks and erosion from the work. Many of the rock on roads have been pushed to the side and did not melt into the tar. The board asked for McQueen to come and meet with the board next month before any work begins within the county.

JJ Merchant was approved by the board to hold an online auction for the county. In a previous board meeting J J Merchant met before the board and explained how their online auction worked and how they could help the county to received the most money for their surplus property. Presently, the county has 34 vehicle and/or equipment for auction. The bidding process will run 2 to 3 days online before closing. The company charges 10% fee and the county would receive their part 7 days after bidding closes.

The last order of business was a discussion held with John Killpatrick presenting a cost of moving the tower to Sheriff’s office. The board agreed earlier to look at moving tower to the Sheriff’s office due to the repeated lighting strikes to the tower. An improved grounding system would needed to be added to the old tower to avoid the lighting strikes for the future. Actual prices could not be discussed on camera/public due to local bidding process. To install new grounding system to the old tower would run approximately  $40,000. Moving the tower as well as personal and equipment (911) to the Sheriff’s office would run approximately $150,000. The board voted 4-1 (Welch opposing) to keep the tower in the same location and install new grounding system saving the tax payers money.

The meeting entered executive session.

Future Holidays:  

  • Good Friday – Friday, April 7, 2023

Future Board Meetings:

  • Wednesday, March 15, 2023
  • Monday, April 3, 2023
  • Monday, April 17, 2023
  • Monday, May 1, 2023
  • Monday, May 15, 2023
  • Monday, June 5, 2023
  • Monday, June 12, 2023

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