December 11, 2023

Sophia Clayton has some of the most dangerous hands in the country. And she’s only 13. 

This lawn-mowing Dover teen is better known as DJ Sophia Rocks, an eighth grader at Postlethwait Middle School with 70,000-plus followers on social media.

Since 2020, she’s performed at the world-famous Madison Square Garden three times. And she’ll pump up the crowd for a fourth time when the New York Knicks host the Cleveland Cavaliers at MSG on Saturday afternoon.

Sophia Clayton is not even 14 yet, but is already well on her way in her career as a deejay. The Dover-area teen works from her family's living room for remote deejay sessions when not working on location - such as at Madison Square Garden, where she will soon make her fourth appearance Saturday.

The prodigy turntablist, who is skilled at DJ techniques such as scratching and juggling beats, will perform during Knicks game warm-ups, TV timeouts and at halftime.

“The last time was super fun,” the skinny 13-year-old DJ said, recalling her latest MSG appearance in December. “It’s cool to see myself on the Jumbotron and hear the announcers announce my name. Hearing the echo throughout the entire stadium is very cool.”

She was blessed with the mic for the first time at her last visit at MSG.

 “I was hyping the crowd up and getting them excited and warmed up for the players to come on,” she said. “They loved it; they all reacted to it. It’s very New York, so they really like to interact.”


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