December 6, 2023
The Siegels Department Store and grocery store on Central Avenue in Dover, at the beginning of the miracle mile, is seen in this historic photo. [Courtesy/Dover Public Library archives]

DOVER — For several years in the 1950s, downtown Dover merchants organized a mid-summer marketing event under the name of Crazy Days (in some ads: “Krazy Daze”). It is interesting to review the newspaper ads from this time to see how many individual stores were involved, a reflection of Dover being a retail center, not only for local residents (population then about 16,000), but also for Rollinsford, the Berwicks, Eliot, Barrington and Durham.

What follows is but a partial lineup of available shops, the greater number involved offering clothing and apparel: Hooz Apparel (just south of the Central Ave. bridge. They even had an elevator for second floor shopping!). The Sorority Shop, Stuart Shaines, and Shaines Shoes — in the so-called Long Block, a one-story affair where the Mill Yard Plaza is today. Squire’s Men’s Shop, on the Upper Square, next to the American House; Tots & Teens at 433 Central; Mrs. Papas Shop, 426 Central; Farnham’s, in space now occupied by Earcraft at the corner of First Street; the Co-ed Shop, 412 Central; Michael’s and the Virginia Lee Shoppe, both on the Upper Square; Arlen’s, 386 Central; Yvonne’s, 125 Washington; Helene’s, 356 Central, Lacy’s at 442 Central; Montgomery Ward at 451 Central (offering cotton dresses, two for $5.)


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