November 30, 2023

In the year 2000, Dennis Rodman signed with the Dallas Mavericks after a failed stint with the Los Angeles Lakers. It was a huge move for the Mavs. One that owner Mark Cuban hoped would help improve the team on the court. As such, Cuban was ready to do anything to make his new star feel comfortable. And, as The Worm revealed on VladTV, Cuban insisted on having him stay at his house and even handed him $100,000 to buy furniture. A perfect example of just how much the “Shark” cares for his players. This was driven home 20 years later when he even claimed he would leave his wife for his new superstar, Luka Doncic.

Rodman joined the Mavericks as an experienced veteran. One who came to Dallas with five championship rings on his fingers. Rings he had won as an integral part of the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls. And, despite the fact his time in Los Angeles was far from perfect, Cuban and the rest of the Mavs front office hoped his time in the Reunion Arena would be different.

Dennis Rodman recalls how Mark Cuban gave him $100,000 to buy furniture

Prior to the start of the 1999-2000 season, the Dallas Mavericks signed Dennis Rodman to the team. The five-time NBA Champion was brought in as the veteran presence on the roster. A roster that actually had quite a few interesting talents.

Joining the likes of Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, Michael Finley, and Shawn Bradley, the Mavs had high hopes for Rodman. But, given his past, they wanted to make him as comfortable as possible. All, so that his impact would be felt. As such, the Mavericks’ owner, Mark Cuban stepped up.

He insisted on having Rodman stay with him and put him up in the seven-acre house he had in his backyard. And, as Rodman recalled, Cuban even went the extra mile and handed him $100,000. Just so he could go buy himself some furniture and make it feel like home.

“He said, ‘Well you’re gonna live right here!’ I said, ‘All right great!’ He said, ‘But you gotta go put some furniture in the house!’ And, I said, ‘I gotta go do it?…  I gotta go do it?!?’ He said, ‘Yeah!’ So, he’s got these three Escalades at the house and he said, ‘Well! Here’s a $100,000.. .go buy all the furniture you want!’ I was like, ‘What?’, and he said, ‘Go buy all the furniture you want!… Here’s a $100,000!’ I said, ‘All right… great!’”

It certainly was a great gesture on Mark Cuban’s part. But, it was one that did not end well. Rodman ended up playing only 12 games for the Mavericks that season. He got ejected twice in that time and ultimately ended up alienating himself from the franchise with his unpredictable behavior.

Mark Cuban once admitted he is willing to risk divorce for Luka Doncic

It has been 23 years since Dennis Rodman was on the Mavericks, and Mark Cuban is still the owner of the franchise. He has found a fair bit of success in that time, winning a championship in 2011. However, post that, things were a little dry in Dallas. That was until recently when they brought in Luka Doncic in the 2018 draft.

Since then, Luka has breathed life back into the Mavericks and has become an integral part of the franchise. So much so, that in 2020, Cuban admitted he would risk divorcing his wife in order to keep Luka with the Mavs.

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It’s safe to say, that with an owner like Cuban at the reigns, the Mavericks are in good hands. Hopefully, he can build a roster around Doncic that can help deliver him another championship.


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