December 11, 2023

This fall, after a year as a digital nomad, I signed a lease in High Falls and within a few hours moved into my new home — which at the time meant unloading my car and inflating my air mattress. Walking through my empty rooms, I faced the undeniable truth: I needed actual furniture if I was going to create a home for myself.

The old adage says we can do things fast, cheap or well. Sometimes we can get two, but it’s almost impossible to attain all three. This wisdom certainly applies to furnishing a home, and it definitely applies to furnishing a home sustainably.

There are a few key factors to consider when sustainably furnishing your home: what’s the carbon footprint of moving this thing and what was the environmental impact of creating it? Buying pre-owned is the best way to reduce the impact on the planet. The Hudson Valley has an abundance of vintage and antique shops, making it fun and easy to create beautiful spaces with minimal environmental impact.


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