December 11, 2023

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Once you’ve made the decision to move to a retirement community, the next big step is deciding what to bring with you and what to leave behind. This task can be overwhelming. How can you condense a lifetime of memories into your new apartment? What will be provided for you, and what will you need to provide for yourself? Here are some ideas to help:

Household Items

Bring the furniture and decorations that make your apartment your home! This includes personal furniture, like a bed, your favorite recliner, a television—whatever makes you feel comfortable. At Saratoga Grove Retirement & Assisted Living, how much furniture you bring depends on your floor plan. No kitchen appliances are needed—your apartment will come furnished with all you’ll need. You will enjoy three chef-cooked meals each day, so you won’t need too many kitchen supplies, but you may want to bring a microwave and small refrigerator for your personal use, as well as any kitchen items you think you may use between meals.

You should also bring little items you will use regularly. These can be small items, such as pillows and bedding, an alarm clock, a flashlight, and other handy household items. Most residents use our washers and dryers, free for residents to use, located in our laundry room. We suggest you bring a laundry basket or hamper that is easily transportable, as well as your favorite laundry detergent. You’ll also want to bring larger items, such as wastebaskets, a telephone, and lamps. We suggest you bring basic house cleaning products, unless you opt for additional housekeeping added to your monthly rent.

Personal Care Products

You will want to have all your favorite toiletries and hygiene products that you’re used to using. Bring your favorite shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, shaving products—whatever you typically use. Don’t forget to bring any healthcare items as well: your vitamins, bandages, prescription medicine (in the original bottle), and over-the-counter medicine you want on hand.

Necessary Documents

Even if you have family members who hang on to these documents for you, you’ll want to bring at least a photocopy of these on the day you sign your lease: your social security card; any insurance cards, including private insurance, Medicare, prescription medication card, or other supplemental insurance card; and your driver’s license or state identification card.

Just remember—this is your home! You can personalize it in so many ways, and we want you to feel comfortable here. And if this list of items seems overwhelming, and you’re concerned you may forget something, don’t worry; that’s what our shopping trips are for!

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