December 11, 2023

Photos courtesy of the Lillie K. Team at Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty

Tucked into a small swath of paradise, this Dutchess County property offers a conglomeration of the Hudson Valley’s strengths: flowing water, various flora, and rich history.

Address: 562 Halls Corners Road, Dover Plains

Description: The main house was constructed in 1810 and has been restored by the current owners, marrying the timeless charm of 19th-century architecture with modern-day design sensibilities. The homestead is surrounded by a sea of “rolling topography” and speckled with hydrangeas, hyacinths, cherry blossoms, wild foxgloves, magnolias, lilacs, and azaleas—a truly idyllic, almost dreamlike haven of nine acres.

One’s first impression of the 1,900-sq-ft main house is its immaculate natural light—the luminance in each room brings the interior elements to life, and that you’re surrounded by nature is ever-apparent during the daytime. Visitors will find the floors and walls to be simple in color and material, allowing furniture and artwork to stand out. The fireplace and chimney add a touch of coziness to the home, calling to mind the many generations of families who have spent time afront of the fire’s warmth.

living room

The living room of the Hollows Farmstead main house.

The kitchen is an aspect worthy of its own paragraph—or, perhaps better yet, its own poem. Framed in dark, thick wooden beams, the layout is both ergonomic and stylish. Other notable design features include an ornate faucet which empties into a large double sink; the oven and stove unit, which fits harmoniously into the spacious cabinet unit; and the cabinet unit itself, with plenty of shelves and windowed doors for quick and easy access.

hollows farmstead

The kitchen of the Hollows Farmstead main house.

As for the bedroom, one can discover an intimate space with a beamed ceiling, perfect for a lazy morning in bed or an afternoon with a favorite paperback. Across the hall, the bathroom almost hums with natural brightness. There sits a clawfoot tub of muted blue, a tasteful tile floor, and a toilet that could just as well serve as a decorative stand for your vase of hand-picked flowers.


The bedroom in the main house.

hollows farmstead

The clawfoot tub and toilet in the bathroom of the main house.


The mirror and sink in the bathroom of the main house.

All this, and we haven’t yet touched on the 1,600-sq-ft guest home, which joins the main house alongside the meandering Stone Church Brook. The façade of this building is dark and romantic, painted in Polo blue.

hollows farmstead

The front of the guest cottage.

Within, one will find two bedrooms, a beautiful—but definitely more modern—kitchen, one and a half bathrooms, and a living room situated with its own wood stove. This space is like the main house in that it is smartly designed, simple, and bright, though it feels less rustic than its counterpart.

guest house

The kitchen in the guest cottage.

Asking price: $965,000

Selling points: It has a history, it has a guest house, and the property is something out of a countryside novella. I mean, come on—there’s a brook running through it. The location is also quite convenient: the Hollows Farmstead is just five minutes from the Dover Plains MetroNorth station, and is proximal to Millbrook, Millerton, and Sharon, Connecticut, and 90 minutes from New York City.

Listing agents: The Lillie K. Team at Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty

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