December 2, 2023

“It was quickly realized that Manassas was a perfect fit and became a crucial next step in our journey to rolling out our next-generation manufacturing here in Virginia. By breathing new life into this facility, which has been a staple in Manassas for more than 40 years, we are excited to set the stage for the next evolution of unmanned systems. I think we’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s possible. We look forward to delivering tomorrow’s solutions right here in Manassas,” said Jay Gundlach, Ph.D., RapidFlight’s Chief Executive Officer.

Assembled by founder Jay Gundlach, Ph.D. in 2021, RapidFlight is an integrated end-to-end unmanned aircraft systems provider. The company prides itself on its ability to aggressively respond to mission requirements and to dramatically reduce the time from concept to mission. RapidFlight’s high-performance systems are designed and engineered to meet the evolving national security and private sector demands of the United States and its allies.

The company comprises a world-class team of industry experts with decades of experience developing over 50 unique UAS platforms that operate in today’s global environment. Based on the team’s foresight and knowledge specific to the challenges that face the world today, the culmination of RapidFlight’s unique technological advancements – using Additive Manufacturing (AM), advanced avionics, and propulsion systems – offer unconstrained operational logistics to deliver tomorrow’s solutions today.

“RapidFlight’s advances in the unmanned aerospace industry and the creation of 119 jobs of the future deserve recognition, and we are proud of the company’s vision and success,” said Secretary of Commerce and Trade Caren Merrick. “The ability to recruit top talent is the lifeblood of forward-thinking businesses in the Commonwealth, and we look forward to supporting RapidFlight’s job creation in this next phase of growth.”

“RapidFlight locating in Manassas further cements our city’s position as a leader in the design and production of unmanned aerial systems,” said City of Manassas Mayor Michelle Davis Younger. “Our skilled workforce, industry-leading companies, and community assets, like the busiest general aviation airport in Virginia, all combine to make Manassas a world-class destination for businesses and residents alike.”

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership worked with the City of Manassas to secure the project for Virginia and will support RapidFlight’s job creation through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP), which provides consultative services and funding to companies creating new jobs in order to support employee recruitment and training activities. As a business incentive supporting economic development, VJIP reduces the human resource costs of new and expanding companies. VJIP is state-funded, demonstrating Virginia’s commitment to enhancing job opportunities for citizens.

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Office of the Governor
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Virginia Economic Development Partnership
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Contact: Thomas Salo
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