December 6, 2023

Most of us know just too painfully well that for better or worse, we cannot control every little thing in our lives. This might be one of the reasons why once we get a place of our own, we just love to finally be able to “set the order” according to our taste, or any other criterion we might have, to make the place feel like home. Similarly, this Redditor decorated her first flat nicely in her style and was livid when her mom kept rearranging her furniture. So much so that she finally took the initiative and “returned the favor”.

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A woman finally got a place of her own; however, her mom came over to sour her excitement

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The woman was extremely proud of herself as she “saved like a demon” and bought a lovely 2-bed apartment

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While the homeowner was at work, her mom rearranged nearly all the furniture

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Despite the daughter asking her to stop, her mom rearranged things once again two days later

This woman shared her flat’s story with an unexpected – for her mother at least – plot twist, which took place at the time when she, after “saving like a demon”, got her first place – a lovely little 2 bed flat, “with a mortgage, obviously” – and was extremely proud of herself. Finally, she decorated her flat to fit her style and equipped it with her own furniture.

Little did she know what was about to happen next. As her mom and stepdad came to visit for a few days when she was all settled in her new flat, she came home at 11 pm after working a late shift and found nearly all of the furniture moved around, books and kitchen stuff rearranged. Even the woman’s bed was moved in such a way that the door hit it when she entered her bedroom.

Needless to say, the new homeowner was livid, it took her hours to put things back in their place, and even though she explained to her mother it is her home and she has things there exactly the way she likes them, her mother grumbled that it looked better her way. However, this did not end there, as her mom did not get enough the first time and did the same thing all over again when on their last day, her daughter went to buy something for lunch. Even when the daughter came back to her mother “establishing her order”, the mother would not stop and left her daughter watching her finish the rearrangement. 

What the mother did not foresee, though, was that her daughter would not let it slip this time. She took her revenge 6 months later when she was visiting her parents, as she rearranged every bit of furniture she could move by herself. The woman swapped the dining room and the living room furniture so that one had to carry food all the way through the living room and the hallway to get to the dining room. She swapped the curtains so that their length did not match the window’s size, going as far as to move little things like spoons around to different drawers.

So, 6 months, later the daughter moved every bit of furniture she could when visiting her mom’s house

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The woman’s stepdad laughed his head off while mom “took the point”

The woman’s stepdad laughed his head off watching her do it. It took her mother 20 minutes to take it in, as she walked around the house in silence, eventually sitting down and agreeing with her daughter: “Point taken”.

In their study, K. Gram-Hanssen and C. Bech-Danielsen claim that even our everyday knowledge is enough to tell that for most people, a house is more than just a functional shelter. To the people who live there, it is their home. During extended interviews, they found different motivations and meanings that people associated with certain elements of their interior design choices.

For example, one interviewee explained that she had an old cupboard that was very important to her because it was the first piece she bought in her “personal style” when she was becoming much more conscious of expressing and creating her identity through furnishing and interior design. 

Some of the people interviewed shared that they were looking for inspiration in magazines; however, instead of simply copying the ideas, they adapted them to fit their personal style. According to the researchers, these answers illustrate that interviewees saw furnishing and decorating of their houses as important aspects of their individualization and expression of the self.

Some people interviewed in this study emphasized that keeping the place clean and tidy was crucial for them, while for others only having a certain specific style in their house was important. 

Finally, for some, neither style nor tidiness was important. An interviewee explained that her house was clearly marked by kids and pets and that the family wanted it to be that way. To the researcher’s question if a house could be too nice, the woman answered: “Easily, very, very easily”, explaining that their family would not be happy in a house that was too sterile.

Redditors congratulated the woman for her amazing revenge and getting her message across


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